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  Smart thinking!  Use the contact form below to send us an email!  We can arrange your rent a bike in Osaka payment via Paypal and guarantee that you'll get to experience awesome Osaka on two wheels. :)

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  That's great!  You can check the calendar to see if we have bikes available, but if your booking is today or tomorrow you might want to call us on +81803763876 to make sure you won't be disappointed.  Alternatively, you go into our store and check for yourself. :)

  Our friendly bicycle specialist "Ou" doesn't speak English, but all our information is explained in store and here online, and you can call us if you have any urgent questions.  Rent a bike in Osaka and make great Japan cycling memories on two wheels.

rent a bike Osaka cycle in front of a shrine

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  Feel free to contact us via email at rentabikeosaka@gmail.com, or call +818037668376 for urgent questions.  If you'd prefer to speak Chinese, you can contact Ou-san who works in the shop.  His number is +819039711430.  We're waiting to hear from you! :)

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