Rent a bike Osaka rental bicycle mamachari in front of shrine

    - How To Rent A Bike -
  It’s easy!  You can either check our calendar to see how many rental bikes are available then contact us by email in advance to book your bikes, or simply come to our store and rent them there!  You’ll sign our disclaimer in store, pay for your rentals plus the 5,000 refundable deposit and ride out to enjoy Osaka on your own rent a bike Osaka bicycle!!

    - Rental Costs -
  The price to rent a bike in Osaka for one day is just 1,000 yen!  To keep the bicycle overnight (until 10:45am the next day) is just an extra 200 yen - 1,200 yen total per day.  There is a 5,000 yen deposit per bike, which is refunded to you when the bike is returned on time, in good condition.

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    - Rental Times -
  Collect your rental bicycle any time after 11am and drop it off any time before 8pm when the store closes.  If you choose the overnight rental option, then you can drop the bicycle off the next morning between 10 and 10:45am.  If that’s impossible, email us and we might be able to arrange to meet you for an earlier morning drop-off.

    - Deposit -
  Your deposit of 5,000 yen will be fully returned to you when your return the bicycle on time, in good condition.  Below are a list of costs that can affect your deposit or incur an extra fee.

  For more information on what it means to have your bike taken by the city (tekkyo) and how to avoid it, see our Cycling Safely page.

Rent a bike osaka rental bicycle with Samurai by Osaka Castle

100% Historically accurate, I swear. :)

rent a bike osaka rental cycle bicycle rental details deposit

    - Signing our Disclaimer -
  Before renting our bikes, every rider must sign our standard disclaimer in the store. Click the link to read through our disclaimer in advance before you sign. :)

    - Bike Details -
  We love mamachari That’s Osaka-dialect for “mama’s bike”, the style of bike we rent.  They’re simple, useful, comfortable and fun.  Our 26-inch frame bikes come with a front light, rear and pedal reflectors for safety at night, plus a basket for your stuff.  They have a super-reliable single-gear set up, comfortable, adjustable-height seats and upright-style handlebars for easy cruising.  Rent a bike in Osaka for an old-school cool smooth cruise. :)

Rent a bike Osaka rental cycle mamachari bicycle by Osaka Castle tourist