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    - Why bike in Osaka? -
  Cycling in Osaka is the best way to see the city and the highlight of many people's holiday - easy, relaxing and fun.  Osaka is perfect for casual cyclists - it’s flat, everything is within biking-distance, and you can ride on the sidewalks so you don’t have to compete with cars.  Rent a bike in Osaka and join the tens of thousands of locals who cycle to work, meet friends and go to eat every day.

   1 - Go anywhere easily, without tired feet -
  If you can walk there, you can cycle there quicker.  Being on bike lets you see more of the city and explore places that would be too time-consuming or tiring on foot.  Get a feel for Osaka that walking simply can’t provide.  Explore at your own pace on your own bike - the ultimate local Osaka experience!

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Rent a bike Osaka cycle rental shrines temples guide

    2 - Save money on transportation -
  Why pay money for trains when you can cycle for free!  Osaka is a compact city that’s mostly flat, so getting around by bike is easy.  For example, Osaka Castle is just 25 minutes by bike from Namba.  If you take the subway, your round-trip will cost 480 yen - that’s nearly half the cost of renting a bike in Osaka for the day, plus you’ll be able to ride around the castle grounds when you get there!  Save money - rent a bike in Osaka.

    3 - Renting is easy -
  Just come to our centrally-located store, fill in our disclaimer, pay for your rental plus a 5,000 yen refundable deposit, then ride away for a day of fun!  You can check the availability of our rental bikes online, then send us an email to reserve them for your group.  Our store is in central Namba, between exits 28, 30 & 32 of Namba station, so we’re easy to get to.  Click this to see a map.

    4 - Enjoy our cycling guides & advice -
  We’ll tell you how to cycle safely and legally in Osaka and show you where to ride!  Bike around the Castle!  Ride to Shinsekai and enjoy old-school Tsutentaku Tower, eat kushikatsu and relax in the hot pools at Spa World!  Do a tour of museums and temples!  Cruise around at night to see the bright lights on two wheels.  Check out our broad selection of route guides so you can plan a fun day of cycling that works for you.

    Rent a bike in Osaka - why is cycling in Japan amazing?

Just try it - you'll see!  :)